Intermediate Painting Course – Level 7


Eligibility:  Age  10 years+
Duration: 10 months

Programs Schedule (Online via ZOOM)
Schedule – Monday & Wednesday
Duration: 1 hr
Time: 6 to 7pm
No. of classes per month: 8 classes

Schedule – Saturday
Duration: 2 hr
Time: 5 to 7pm
No. of classes per month: 4 classes

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This program covers a wide spectrum in art and provides visual literacy to each child. This course would develop an expertise in different painting mediums. Wide variety of concepts & techniques would be addressed in this program.

Course Content
The course content below is only an indicator of the activities but not limited. We bring new concepts and creative ideas constantly to keep our students curious & interested.

Sketching and painting, Figurative, Landscapes, In-depth study of techniques, Abstract Expressionism, Observational drawing, Creative Painting, Still life, Design Concepts

Water Colours, Poster Colours, Acrylic Paints



Payment Options (Monthly & Quaterly)

Monthly Payment, Quarterly Payment